I wanted to start this blog to create a community of readers who share my passion for raising daughters. The tween years seem to be a time when our girls don’t seem to require as much supervision as the previous years, but they haven’t become teenagers yet, with all of the peer pressures, driving, and boyfriends. I have found that this often leads to missed opportunities to connect with our daughters during this time, and to prepare them for the years ahead. And the truth is, there are many issues that face tween girls. I am steadfast in my belief that we need to use this time to create strong girls who can face anything that comes their way.

I have worked as a therapist, parenting educator, and guest speaker for the past twenty years. I hold three degrees in counseling-related fields, and have embraced my niche in parenting education and consulting. I am excited to have published my first book: Between Baby Dolls and Boyfriends: How to Successfully Navigate Your Daughter’s Tween Years. The best part about writing the book was the input from my very own tween, Kendall, who gives her opinion on the topics in the book in “Kendall’s Corner” at the end of each chapter.

I hope you enjoy the features in the blog. And I hope to hear from you- with stories of your own, comments, and questions. And if you have an issue you are struggling with, I would love to hear it and possibly use it in a post (anonymously, of course). Because if you are dealing with an issue, chances are many others are as well.

3 responses to “About

  1. Holly

    Wow Debi!!
    So cool – can’t wait to read your book, especially “Kendall’s corner!” 😉 Kendall is such a beautiful girl inside and out so I’m sure your book will help many! You and Pat have done an amazing job guiding her into such a kind and confident (and outgoing) young woman! Hope to run into you all soon! Happy holidays,


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  3. elizabeth959803

    Debi, it’s so lovely to meet a fellow mom of older girls! I look forward to getting a hold of this book and to following you from now on! Because we are DEFINITELY living in the land “between baby dolls and boyfriends”! 😉


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